Jonghyun shin se kyung still dating

Jonghyun & shin se kyung : confirmed to be dating shinee’s 21-year-old member, jonghyun has come into view with his new girlfriend shin se-kyung, south korean’s rising actress jonghyun and his girlfriend shin se kyung have been dating from about a month. Ever since news broke out in october 2010 about shinee's jonghyun and shin se kyung being an item, the korean media would occasionally report on rumors that the two have broken up indeed, some.

Actress shin se kyung and shinee's jonghyun have gone their separate ways according to shin se kyung's agency on june 20th, shin se kyung and jonghyun are no longer dating, but are instead. And from my research, shin se kyung, just got out of a 1 year relationship in june and jonghyun and se kyung has been dating for just about 1 month now 4 months after breaking up with one boyfriend and going to jonghyun.

Best answer: they probably still are, though it's good that they're keeping it low profile coz they suffered a lot when the news broke out i even felt sorry for se kyung coz a lot of fans really hated her then.

Sm entertainment and namoo actors confirmed today that shinee member jonghyun is dating actress shin se kyung both 21 years old, they have just been dating for about a month now. [news] shinee jonghyun & sekyung broke up no longer dating shinee jonghyun & sekyung broke up no longer dating [official] youtube 10/2010 jong hyun (shinee) and shin se kyung admit to.

In august of 2010, jong-hyun admitted that he was dating with shin se kyung, a korean actress shin became well known nationwide through her performance in the sitcom, high kick through the roof (2009-2010.

  • Sorry to disappoint you, fangirls-shin se kyung’s agency, namoo actors, is strongly denying these rumors the agency maintained that despite the numerous queries they have received on the relationship, shin se kyung and jonghyun are still dating, and asked the public to “view them in a positive light.

Shinee’s jonghyun has been caught with “high kick”‘s shin se-kyungthe two are confirmed to be dating and have been “meeting” for about a month now they apparently have been dating “near shin se-kyung’s apartment,” which i’m sure is as questionable-sounding to me as it should be to you.

Jonghyun shin se kyung still dating
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